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Top 50 articles across all journals

1 REVIEW ARTICLE: Principles and methods of validity and reliability testing of questionnaires used in social and health science researches
PDF version. Bolarinwa Oladimeji Akeem
Nigerian Postgraduate Medical Journal, Year 2015, Volume 22, Issue 4
2 ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Is iron treatment related to weight gain in female patients with iron deficiency anemia?
PDF version. Yokus Osman, Gedik Habip
The Egyptian Journal of Haematology, Year 2016, Volume 41, Issue 2
3 ORIGINAL ARTICLE: The ultrasound identification of fetal gender at the gestational age of 11–12 weeks
PDF version. Gharekhanloo Farideh
Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care, Year 2018, Volume 7, Issue 1
4 REVIEW: Difficulties in managing lymph node tuberculosis
PDF version. Gupta P R
Lung India, Year 2004, Volume 21, Issue 4
5 ARTICLE: The evolution of health care systems in Nigeria: Which way forward in the twenty-first century
PDF version. Scott-Emuakpor Ajovi
Nigerian Medical Journal, Year 2010, Volume 51, Issue 2
6 REVIEW ARTICLE: Laboratory perspective of gram staining and its significance in investigations of infectious diseases
PDF version. Thairu Yunusa, Nasir Idris Abdullahi, Usman Yahaya
Sub-Saharan African Journal of Medicine, Year 2014, Volume 1, Issue 4
7 INVITED REVIEW: Evaluation of young men with organic erectile dysfunction
PDF version. Papagiannopoulos Dimitri, Khare Narenda, Nehra Ajay
Asian Journal of Andrology, Year 2015, Volume 17, Issue 1
8 REVIEW ARTICLE: The metabolic processes of folic acid and Vitamin B12 deficiency
PDF version. Mahmood Lubna
Journal of Health Research and Reviews, Year 2014, Volume 1, Issue 1
9 REVIEW ARTICLE: Role of social media during the COVID-19 pandemic: Beneficial, destructive, or reconstructive?
PDF version. Sahni Heena, Sharma Hunny
International Journal of Academic Medicine, Year 2020, Volume 6, Issue 2
10 INVITED ARTICLE: Microteaching as a vehicle of teacher training--its advantages and disadvantages.
PDF version. Ananthakrishnan N
Journal of Postgraduate Medicine, Year 1993, Volume 39, Issue 3
11 ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Effects of a nutritional supplement containing collagen peptides on skin elasticity, hydration and wrinkles
PDF version. Borumand Maryam, Sibilla Sara
Journal of Medical Nutrition and Nutraceuticals, Year 2015, Volume 4, Issue 1
12 PERSPECTIVE: Bringing epigenetics into the diagnostics of the andrology laboratory: challenges and perspectives
PDF version. Kläver Ruth, Gromoll Jörg
Asian Journal of Andrology, Year 2014, Volume 16, Issue 5
13 PREFERRED PRACTICE: Ocular oncology practice guidelines during COVID-19 pandemic-An expert consensus
PDF version. Manjandavida Fairooz P, Honavar Santosh G, Kim Usha, Singh Usha, Menon Vikas, Das Sima, Kaliki Swathi, Palanivelu Mahesh Shanmugam, Khetan Vikas, Shah Parag K, Rishi Pukhraj, Mulay Kaustubh, Gandhi Arpan, Vadhiraja B M, Reddy Vijay Anand, Bhat Sunil, Rao Vasudha
Indian Journal of Ophthalmology, Year 2020, Volume 68, Issue 7
14 CASE REPORT: Compulsive masturbation in a patient with delusional disorder
PDF version. Karia Sagar, De Sousa Avinash, Shah Nilesh, Sonavane Sushma
Journal of Mental Health and Human Behaviour, Year 2015, Volume 20, Issue 1
15 NI FEATURE: THE QUEST - COMMENTARY: How to recognize and treat metabolic encephalopathy in Neurology intensive care unit
PDF version. Berisavac Ivana I, Jovanović Dejana R, Padjen Višnja V, Ercegovac Marko D, Stanarčević Predrag D J, Budimkić-Stefanović Maja S, Radović Milan M, Beslać-Bumbaširević Ljiljana G
Neurology India, Year 2017, Volume 65, Issue 1
16 TECHNICAL ARTICLE: Western blot: Technique, theory, and trouble shooting
PDF version. Mahmood Tahrin, Yang Ping-Chang
North American Journal of Medical Sciences, Year 2012, Volume 4, Issue 9
17 ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Is seroprevalence of anti-IGM CMV among blood donors relevant in India?
PDF version. Kumar Harsh, Gupta P K, Kumar Satish, Sarkar R S
Indian Journal of Pathology and Microbiology, Year 2008, Volume 51, Issue 3
18 CLINICAL SIGNS: Clinical signs in medicine: pulsus paradoxus.
PDF version. Khasnis A, Lokhandwala Y
Journal of Postgraduate Medicine, Year 2002, Volume 48, Issue 1
19 REVIEW ARTICLE: Potential ocular and systemic COVID-19 prophylaxis approaches for healthcare professionals
PDF version. Shetty Rohit, Lalgudi Vaitheeswaran Ganesan, Khamar Pooja, Gupta Krati, Sethu Swaminathan, Nair Archana, Honavar Santosh G, Ghosh Arkasubhra, D'Souza Sharon
Indian Journal of Ophthalmology, Year 2020, Volume 68, Issue 7
20 ARTICLES: Low frequency noise and annoyance
PDF version. Leventhall H G
Noise and Health, Year 2004, Volume 6, Issue 23
21 REVIEW ARTICLE: Multiple ring-enhancing lesions of the brain
PDF version. Garg R K, Sinha M K
Journal of Postgraduate Medicine, Year 2010, Volume 56, Issue 4
22 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Wrist (Walker–Murdoch) and Thumb (Steinberg) Signs
PDF version. Gupta Suruchi, Gupta Nikhil
MAMC Journal of Medical Sciences, Year 2017, Volume 3, Issue 2
23 ORIGINAL RESEARCH: Estimation of nicotine content in popular Indian brands of smoking and chewing tobacco products
PDF version. Reddy Sujatha S, Shaik Hyder Ali K H
Indian Journal of Dental Research, Year 2008, Volume 19, Issue 2
24 REVIEW ARTICLE: Mounting media: An overview
PDF version. Ravikumar Shamala, Surekha R, Thavarajah Rooban
Journal of Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences, Year 2014, Volume 3, Issue 5
25 ORIGINAL ARTICLE: A randomized evaluator blinded study of effect of microneedling in androgenetic alopecia: A pilot study
PDF version. Dhurat Rachita, Sukesh M S, Avhad Ganesh, Dandale Ameet, Pal Anjali, Pund Poonam
International Journal of Trichology, Year 2013, Volume 5, Issue 1
26 CASE REPORT: "Liver clot"-A rare periodontal postsurgical complication
PDF version. Pandya Dhara, Manohar Balaji, Mathur L K, Shankarapillai Rajesh
Indian Journal of Dental Research, Year 2012, Volume 23, Issue 3
27 ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE: Homeopathic management of warts
PDF version. Oza Piyush Mahendra
Indian Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, Year 2016, Volume 2, Issue 1
28 REVIEW ARTICLE: TURP syndrome - current concepts in the pathophysiology and management
Moorthy H Krishna, Philip Shoba
Indian Journal of Urology, Year 2001, Volume 17, Issue 2
29 ORIGINAL RESEARCH: Effect of oil pulling on plaque induced gingivitis: A randomized, controlled, triple-blind study
PDF version. Asokan Sharath, Emmadi Pamela, Chamundeswari Raghuraman
Indian Journal of Dental Research, Year 2009, Volume 20, Issue 1
30 DISCUSSION: Nurse–patient relationship based on the imogene king's theory of goal attainment
PDF version. Adib-Hajbaghery Mohsen, Tahmouresi Mahsa
Nursing and Midwifery Studies, Year 2018, Volume 7, Issue 3
31 SPECIAL ARTICLE: Designing an ideal operating room complex
PDF version. Harsoor S S, Bhaskar S Bala
Indian Journal of Anaesthesia, Year 2007, Volume 51, Issue 3
32 SHORT COMMUNICATION: Assessment of nutritional status in the community and clinical settings
PDF version. Shrivastava Saurabh RamBihariLal, Shrivastava Prateek Saurabh, Ramasamy Jegadeesh
Journal of Medical Sciences, Year 2014, Volume 34, Issue 5
33 REVIEW ARTICLE: A review on role of essential trace elements in health and disease
PDF version. Prashanth Lingamaneni, Kattapagari Kiran Kumar, Chitturi Ravi Teja, Baddam Venkat Ramana Reddy, Prasad Lingamaneni Krishna
Journal of Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences, Year 2015, Volume 4, Issue 2
34 RESEARCH ARTICLE: Perception, attitude and usage of complementary and alternative medicine among doctors and patients in a tertiary care hospital in India
PDF version. Roy Vandana, Gupta Monica, Ghosh Raktim Kumar
Indian Journal of Pharmacology, Year 2015, Volume 47, Issue 2
35 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Protein-to-creatinine ratio: A valid estimate and alternative to 24 hour proteinuria
PDF version. Karkar Ayman, Abdelrahman Mohammed
Saudi Journal of Kidney Diseases and Transplantation, Year 2010, Volume 21, Issue 5
36 ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Trimester specific ranges for thyroid hormones in normal pregnancy
PDF version. Mankar Jidnyasa, Sahasrabuddhe Anagha, Pitale Shailesh
Thyroid Research and Practice, Year 2016, Volume 13, Issue 3
37 STATISTICS: Types of sampling in research
PDF version. Bhardwaj Pooja
Journal of the Practice of Cardiovascular Sciences, Year 2019, Volume 5, Issue 3
38 REVIEW ARTICLE: Approach to unequal hilum on chest X-ray
PDF version. Sarkar Supriya, Jash Debraj, Maji Arnab, Patra Anupam
The Journal of Association of Chest Physicians, Year 2013, Volume 1, Issue 2
39 REVIEW ARTICLE: Natural ways to prevent and treat oral cancer
PDF version. Danaraddi Shweta, Koneru Anila, Hunasgi Santosh, Ramalu Surekha, Vanishree M
Journal of Oral Research and Review, Year 2014, Volume 6, Issue 1
40 EDITORIAL: Recent changes in technical and operational guidelines for tuberculosis control programme in India - 2016: A paradigm shift in tuberculosis control
PDF version. Chaudhuri Arunabha D
The Journal of Association of Chest Physicians, Year 2017, Volume 5, Issue 1
41 REVIEW ARTICLE: Comparative efficacy, safety, and tolerability of diclofenac and aceclofenac in musculoskeletal pain management: A systematic review
PDF version. Vohra Faizal, Raut Asawari
Indian Journal of Pain, Year 2016, Volume 30, Issue 1
42 BIOSTATISTICS: Descriptive statistics
PDF version. Kaur Parampreet, Stoltzfus Jill, Yellapu Vikas
International Journal of Academic Medicine, Year 2018, Volume 4, Issue 1
43 ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Sonographic measurement of uterine dimensions in healthy nulliparous adults in Northwestern Nigeria
PDF version. Umar Umar Muhammad, Isyaku K, Adamu Yahuza Mansur, Abubakar S A, Kabo N A, Nura I, Naimatu A T
Sahel Medical Journal, Year 2017, Volume 20, Issue 1
44 REVIEW ARTICLE: Endo-perio lesions: Diagnosis and clinical considerations
PDF version. Shenoy Nina, Shenoy Arvind
Indian Journal of Dental Research, Year 2010, Volume 21, Issue 4
45 THE EXTRAPULMONARY DISEASE - THE BIG DILEMMA: Tuberculosis of the lymph nodes: Many facets, many hues
PDF version. Gandhare Avinash, Mahashur Ashok
Astrocyte, Year 2017, Volume 4, Issue 2
46 CASE REPORT: Lower lip paresthesia as a sequel of mental nerve irritation secondary to periradicular periodontitis
PDF version. Riyahi Abdullah Mahmoud, Saad Abdelhamied Y
Saudi Endodontic Journal, Year 2018, Volume 8, Issue 1
47 ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Effect of oil pulling on Streptococcus mutans count in plaque and saliva using Dentocult SM Strip mutans test: A randomized, controlled, triple-blind study
PDF version. Asokan S, Rathan J, Muthu M S, Rathna Prabhu V, Emmadi P, Raghuraman, Chamundeswari
Journal of Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry, Year 2008, Volume 26, Issue 1
48 COMMENTARY: Mobile phones: Time to rethink and limit usage
PDF version. Paul Bobby, Saha Indranil, Kumar Sanjay, Samim Ferdows S K, Ghose Gautam
Indian Journal of Public Health, Year 2015, Volume 59, Issue 1
49 CLINICAL SIGNS: Romberg's test.
PDF version. Khasnis A, Gokula R M
Journal of Postgraduate Medicine, Year 2003, Volume 49, Issue 2
50 ARTICLE: Tonic tensor tympani syndrome in tinnitus and hyperacusis patients: A multi-clinic prevalence study
PDF version. Westcott Myriam, Sanchez Tanit Ganz, Diges Isabel, Saba Clarice, Dineen Ross, McNeill Celene, Chiam Alison, O'Keefe Mary, Sharples Tricia
Noise and Health, Year 2013, Volume 15, Issue 63